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Trust. Transparency. Integrity.

Become a trusted brand and prove quality with TruInsights. TruInsights allows you to share verified, batch-specific information directly with consumers.

Why TruInsights?


Prove Quality

Automatically share verified, batch-specific information about the source and purity of ingredients, finished product lab tests, and related scientific facts directly with consumers.

Retain Customers

Trust and transparency build brand loyalty. Impress your customers keep them engaged through TruInsights.

Gain Trust

Transparency increases sales. Products are ranked based on their level of supply chain traceability and transparency. You have a great product; prove it and show your customers the information they care about.


Supply Chain Management

With the TruInsights portal, you have full insight into your product supply chain like never before. Real-time information is shared with you directly from your manufacturer and suppliers.

Automated Recall Notices

Life happens. But don't let that affect your bottom line. TruInsights can notify you about recall notices that affect specific batches of your products through our integrated supply chain network.

Integrated Data Management

TruInsights captures manufacturing and supply chain quality control data in real-time. Leverage this growing network to enhance your brand and decrease lead times.

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