Advanced Manufacturing Network Integrators

Building Trusted and Efficient Global Supply Chains

AMNI is an IT company focused on integrating and verifying the supply chains of critical components where authenticity is of high importance. AMNI helps manufacturers unify and standardize their data to streamline operations, automate compliance, and enhance connectivity throughout the supply chain.

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Automated Compliance & Supply Chain Interoperability

Introducing the AMNI Supply Chain Platform

Our Services

Helping you establish an industry 4.0 framework

Data Consolidation

AMNI works with manufacturers at all points within the supply chain to build a data framework that acts as a single source of truth across all business operations.

Automated Compliance

Data is encrypted and stored on a shared immutable ledger in real-time. AMNI pulls key QC and supply chain data points to provide levels of confidence for product authenticity with a simple scan.

Data Standardization

AMNI focuses on standardizing data from various software systems around industry regulations and quality standards. Some examples include GMP, ISO, and GS1.

Supply Chain Interoperability

Cross-company sharing of verified data improves efficiency, cuts costs, and reduces risk across the supply chain.

Product Verification

Verified, trusted, batch-specific product information can truly prove quality and provide product verification on a new level.

Track & Trace

Manufacturers can track products within their supply chain in real-time, combat fraud, and make potential recalls an afterthought.

Our Products

AMNI Data Hub

Single Source of Truth for All Your Business Data


GMP Compliant Software & Inventory Management System


Batch-Specific QR Codes to Prove Quality and Provide Product Authentication

AMNI Platform

Pre-Built Industry-Specific APIs Based On Regulations and QC Standards

Use cases



The AMNI Process



Identify supply chain data collection methods and where AMNI can augment those systems.



Determine key data points and format the information around agreed upon standards.



Integrate stakeholders over a global immutable network.



Share and send information among supply chain stakeholders in real-time.



Connect the physical world to the digital world and instantly trace components and products.



Establish a single source of truth and verify product authenticity, quality, and provenance.


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Transparent Interoperability
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AMNI is your supply chain technology partner. Unify your supply chain and become fully connected today.