Advanced Manufacturing Network Integrators

Empowering Manufacturing & Supply
Chain with AI and Automation

Experience the future of manufacturing and supply chain management with AMNI, a groundbreaking platform that unifies end-to-end processes for unparalleled efficiency, real-time insights, and a competitive advantage in manufacturing.

24/7 Quality Assurance

With AMNI you can now monitor the quality of your supply chain in real-time. You can rest assured that your products are not compromised.

Supply Chain Marketplace

The AMNI platform is a three-sided marketplace for suppliers, manufacturers, and brands. Key data elements are collected, standardized, and securely transacted on the network.

Monetize Your Supply Chain Data

Companies can share and sell QC data with their industry peers to fortify skip-lot/reduced testing practices. Additionally, companies can sell excess inventory items to those who have material shortages.


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Integrate your software systems or utilize ezGMP to have updated real-time access to information tailored to your products and supply chain. 



Exchange information in real-time. Verify and place orders with curated vendors simultaneously with the click of a button.


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All-In-One Manufacturing & Quality Software for cGMP Manufacturers

AMNI Network

Unified Platform to Optimize, Automate, and Accelerate Your Supply Chain

AMNI Portal

Digital Portal to Connect and Interoperate with Various Manufacturers


QR Codes to Share Key Information Seamlessly Through Your Value Chain


Digital Transformation Strategy

Leveraging the power of digital innovation, AMNI and its partners devise strategies that drive your business transformation, fostering agility, enhancing customer experience, and delivering unparalleled competitive advantages in today's digital era.

System Integrations

Bridging the gap between software, hardware, and business processes, AMNI and its partners provide a seamless integration service that elevates operational efficiency and propels your manufacturing to new heights of productivity.

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Operational Efficiency
Supply Chain Optimization
Loss Prevention
Brand Protection
Product Quality & Recalls
Value Chain Visibility


Food & Beverage
Medical Devices
Electrical Components

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AMNI is your supply chain technology partner. Unify your supply chain and become fully connected today.