ezGMP Sales Management

Delight customers with fast quotes and seamless order fulfillment.

ezGMP software streamlines sales order management for GMP compliance, with built-in tools to help you generate accurate quotes quickly, manage sales orders efficiently, and exceed customer expectations.

This image shows a mockup of the ezGMP sales module, demonstrating a manufacturer creating a quote for a customer.

Don't let complexities slow you down.

With complex bill of materials (BOM) and added variable factors, plus strict regulatory requirements, GMP process manufacturers have a lot to contend with in preparing quotes and delivering on sales orders. ezGMP provides automation and helpful tools to streamline the process, cutting down the complexity and helping manufacturers deliver quality products on time.


Time-saving tools for sales order management.

Order Status Updates
View order statuses in real-time, with the option to send updates to customers along the way.
Automated Material Cost Estimation
Get automated calculations based on pre-defined formulas and real-time inventory data to estimate material costs for quotes.
Profit Margin Adjuster
Adjust pricing variables to find the perfect profit margin.
Payment Processing
Streamline the payment process with built-in payment processing.
Built-in Customer Portal
Give your customers access to their own portal, where they can place orders, view order statuses, communicate with you, and more.

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Gain the competitive edge in sales order management with ezGMP.

With ezGMP, process manufacturers can achieve efficient sales order management while maintaining strict cGMP compliance. Find out how your manufacturing business can benefit—get in touch with us.