ezGMP Inventory Management

Track, control and succeed with smart inventory management.

ezGMP simplifies cGMP manufacturing by providing real-time inventory management. Track materials and products seamlessly, ensuring quality and error-free operations.

You have a lot to manage. Let ezGMP help.

ezGMP streamlines order management, lot tracking, shipping and receiving, demand forecasting, and warehouse movements, with helpful automations and analysis tools throughout.


More efficiency, less effort.

Real-Time Inventory Visibility
See up-to-date information on stock levels across all categories for informed production planning and purchasing decisions.
Detailed Material Categorization & Sorting​
Categorize raw materials, packaging materials, WIP (Work-in-Process) components, and finished goods with distinct attributes. Easily sort inventory to find what you're looking for.
Advanced Lot Tracking
Assign unique lot IDs to raw materials and finished products, allowing for comprehensive tracking and traceability throughout the manufacturing process. This includes features for managing genealogy (tracing a product's history) and parenthood (tracing a product's components).
Labeling & Scanning​
Automatically generate QR codes or barcodes for components and products to use in managing warehouse operations, sharing relevant data, or providing batch-specific information for consumers.
Warehouse Management
Move and track inventory across multiple warehouses, production lines, or storage locations.
Automated Reordering
Set automatic reorder points for critical materials to avoid stockouts and maintain production continuity.
Adjustments & Reconciliations
Resolve discrepancies found during cycle counts with an easy-to-use adjustments tool that documents the correction.


Get up and running in less than one week.

We’ll help you migrate your inventory and set up the system to match your manufacturing processes and workflows. And we’ll get it done quickly—onboarding and training takes less than one week.


Connect ezGMP to the other tools your team uses.

ezGMP can integrate with your existing software applications, including Quickbooks, Striven, Rockwell Automation, and more.


Reap the benefits of digital automation in inventory management.

Lower costs, improve agility, enhance operational efficiency, and so much more with ezGMP.

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