ezGMP Customization & User Controls

Make the digital transformation your way.

ezGMP gives you customizable tools and adjustable access levels, so your digital transformation or transition fits into your manufacturing business’s needs.

This image shows a mockup of the user access controls in our customizable manufacturing software ezGMP, which allows manufacturers to assign access to specific modules.

Generic software systems don’t always fit your needs.

Your manufacturing processes are unique, and you need digital tools that fit your workflows. ezGMP’s customization options and access controls allow for a solution that aligns with your business’s unique needs, workflows, and regulatory environment, leading to a more efficient, compliant, and future-proof operation.

Customer Testimonial

"Other solutions we’ve tried were not customizable as ezGMP is. They worked—as long as we could work within the parameters of the out-of-the-box style of software they had. But ezGMP is more adaptable for our specific processes, even as they change."
Sunny Cochran
Finance & Admin Manager, Superior Sauce Company


Options to meet your unique needs.

Customizable User Controls
Assign access based on standard manufacturing team roles, or create custom roles to grant or restrict access to chosen modules.
Configurable Workflows
Match your existing production workflows with your digital process, including defining steps, sequences, and approval processes.
Data Capture Customization
Define the specific data points you need to capture at each stage of production, ensuring traceability and adherence to quality control standards.
Customizable Forms and Reports
Design forms and reports that capture and display the most relevant information for your specific operation.

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