Seamless Supply Chain Integration and Automation

The AMNI Supply Chain Platform allows for cross-company sharing of verified information and real-time connectivity. Sign up today to join the future of supply chains.

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Automated Supply Chain Solutions

One Platform.
Multiple Solutions.

Access Trusted Data From Network Peers For Informed Decisions.
Unlock New Revenue And Fortify Your Supply Chain
Eliminate Paper, Embrace A Data-Driven Supply Chain
Track And Verify Components Back To Their Source
Empower Suppliers And Customers With Digital Transformation
Attract New Customers With A Digitally Integrated Supply Chain
Gain Visibility Into Nth Tier Suppliers, Manage Risks Proactively

Our Process

1. IT Consultation

Identify supply chain data collection methods and where AMNI can augment those systems.

2. Data Aggregation

Collect data from various sources and provide a single visibility point.

3. Data Standardization

Determine key data points and format the information around agreed upon standards.

4. Integrate

Integrate stakeholders with an established blockchain network.

5. Interoperate

Share and send information among supply chain stakeholders in real-time.

6. Verify

Establish a single source of truth and verify product authenticity, quality, and provenance.

Trust & Automation Between Companies

Solidifying supply chains when authenticity is of high importance.