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Integrated Business Intelligence from the Back Office to the Factory Floor

For Business Professionals & IT Personnel

Integrate with any system or device and connect all your data in one place

Build And Customize Dashboards And Embed Analytics

The AMNI Dashboard Builder comes equipped with pre-built, commonly used metrics and their visualizations, enabling you to focus on using your data rather than creating visualizations for it. You can easily combine metrics from various sources into a single dashboard for a comprehensive view of your performance at a glance.

Create And Deliver Customized Reports And Web Forms

Streamline your reporting process by utilizing a simple-to-use service for creating and sharing reports and web forms. Ensure timely access to vital business information for all stakeholders with the option for both operational reports and integrated web forms in one solution.

Ask Questions In Natural Language

With AMNI, you can obtain relevant visualizations for your data by simply asking conversational questions. No expertise is required as AMNI leverages AI/ML to comprehend the meaning behind your search and analyze the data to give prompt answers to your business inquiries.


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